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Calling All Pie Lovers!!!

Nowadays there is a day for everything, National French Fry Day, National Ice Cream Day, and most importantly National Pie Day!!! January 23rd is National Pie Day and Grand Traverse Pie Company will be offering a free slice of pie at any of their locations across the state. “Pie is part of America’s desire for…MORE

Nacho Fries Are BACK!

sThis is the best news EVER! Taco Bells released Nacho Fries last year and blew all our minds, but then they took them away, brought them back, took them away again and now they are BACK! If you haven’t had the chance to experience these now if your chance before they take them back again.…MORE

Michigan Has A Pot Shortage

Michigan is out of pot!  Due to this the state is planning to reopen unlicensed dispensaries.  LARA The Dept. of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will recommend the Medical Marijuana Licensing Board adopt a resolution which will help maintain patient access to medical marijuana. What does that mean? The recommendation will allow Medical Marijuana dispensaries that missed a licensing…MORE

Brides Are Replacing Bouquets With Cotton Candy?

It’s a known fact that it costs a lot to get married and couples are always looking for a way to cut costs. So brides, how about trying this cost-cutting strategy of having cotton candy instead of a wedding bouquet?   View this post on Instagram   Happy Father’s Day to my Papa.💖 Yes that’s…MORE

Need Help with Student Loans? Natty Light Donating 10 Million for Student Loan Debt

Natty Light definitely knows who their consumer is and is wanting to give back! Being known as a “cheap beer” Natural Light has been providing libations for college students for generations and now they are taking it to the next level. On Tuesday Anheuser-Busch announced plans to give away $10 million over the next 10 years…MORE

Another New Restaurant Coming to GR

They say third time is a charm and for a historic mansion in Grand Rapids’ East Hills neighborhood we hope they are right! Paddock Place, a special events venue that previously housed Mangiamo! will once again have a restaurant! The Pub at Paddock will open on Jan. 29. It will be open Tuesday through Sunday,with happy-hour and…MORE

Gillette’s New Commercial Sparking Controversy

Some people are throwing away their Gillette’s razors/products after their latest commercial has hit the air. The company has flipped their script on their catch phrase “the best a man can get” to “Is this the best a man can get?” It is a nearly two minute commercial with a montage of news reports on bullying, #MeToo…MORE

Security Camera Captured Image of Son’s Spirit

A mother in Atlanta was home with her youngest daughter when she received an alert on her phone from her home security system that said “person spotted in entryway.” When she looked up the image she could not believe that the figure she saw was he son who had passed away in 2016. When she…MORE

Neflix Hiking Prices

Why do you have to go and ruin a good thing Netflix? They are raising their fees from 13 to 18 percent for US subscribers across all plans. So that means for the Standard plan, which is the most popular, the price will go from $10.99 to $12.99 per month. When will you see this…MORE

Winter Weather Advisory: Traffic and School Closings

West Michigan’s icy winter weather continues throughout the morning, freezing drizzle and gradually transition to light snow showers heading into our Wednesday morning commute. Watch out for an icy glaze (again) on roadways.  For updated traffic CLICK HERE and your School Closings from FOX 17 are HERE. Here’s the latest weather report:MORE